3D Printed Files STL Download

Hey welcome to the STL page where you can download some .stl files contributed by the community for your WPL RC! *not official WPL design

Click the picture below to bring you to the relevant 3D Files.


3D Printed Tires for D12


C34 Roof Rack


C24 Roof Rack

C44KM Roof Rack Remixed

5mm to 12mm Wheel Adapter

3d Files by Sam Parlatore

WPL Printable Wheels
Cool Custom Chassis Expansion Plate by Price Dempler!
3D Printed Wheels by Mark Smith
3D Files by Steven Giacci
More 3D Printed Wheels from Mark Smith
C14 C24 Accessories by Alexander Zaikin
Wheels & Accessory
C14/C24 Printable Gauges and Manuals by Price and Barrett
8 Spoke Wagon Wheels by Big ES RC
Adapter to Mount WPL 2 Speed Gearbox on LDRC Unimog
For those who require 3D Printing services, reach out to our friends below,
US - Adam Peebles
US - Scale Addiction - California
US - Dan Ellis - Central Pennsylvania
US - Jon Foster @ AITecServices 
US - BIGESRC - Tennessee US
UK - MBRC 3D Prints
UK - Cooke & Son RC Accessories
UK - Brendan 3D Printing
Mexico - 3D Printing Solutions


If you would like to contribute .stl files too, please email to sales@wpl-rc.com
Important details you need to include are,
- description of the object/design
- picture of the printed item
- print settings
- tips on how to install
- note