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👉 Hardware Build Tips  
👉 Everything about RES-V3  
👉 C14/C24 Build tips by Small Scale Adventures
Small Scale Adventures 5 Parts C44KM Build Video 👇
How to easily make a D12 Drift
WPL D12 RWD Drift Build How To Guide
Quick build tips on the Metal Axle.
How to Build a Lasting Axle - by Ramzi
2 Speed Gearbox
Learn more + and DIY improvements - by Johannes
Fitting WPL Winch on C14, C24, B14, B24

How to reduce the flex from the brace of the gear shift servo for proper low speed engagement.
Click the picture for more info


Fitting Winch to the C54 Bodyshell Video 1

Fitting Winch to the C54 Bodyshell Video 2

Installing Metal Gears Upgrade for the D12 Gearbox


Fixing KM Steering Issue

Click photo below to download the PDF


B24KM Build Video by KpopRC!

C34 KIT Build

Great tips of a properly setup WPL Rig by Ryan Smith!
Link -


 C44KM Build

Steering Rack Setting

Some C14 build tips for inspiration. Easy custom roll cage, fitting a C14 body to a C34 chassis and more.


Fitting 370 Single Speed Gearbox onto C14, C24, C54 chassis

1) You will need two appropriate length drive shaft for it to work. As the drive shaft we currently have are either too long or too short
2) Raise the gearbox height from the mounting point
3) Extend the wheelbase
4) Move the gearbox forward like Ramzi did below! Click here to head to the post in Official FB Group for more info. (Join request required)


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