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Hey guys!

Welcome to the Official Store of WPL RC!

At the Official Store, you will be able to purchase directly from the factory. For any new launch, this official store will get it first!

Different to other merchants, we will take care of the aftersales support, whether you bought from us, or from other merchants, doesn't matter, you can reach us for help by going to the "Contact Us" page. 

Another thing to highlight is that this is a separate entity of the WPL RC company. This is not directly owned by the WPL RC company/factory. The person who runs the Official Store is me Edward as you all may have known, and behind me are the 2 founders of WPL RC, Mr.Huang & Mr. Jack.

The store is currently being managed from Malaysia and orders are being fulfilled from China.

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💪📣 Our Future Goal
2021 - US Warehouse/Fulfillment ✅
2022 - UK Europe Warehouse/Fulfillment *postponed
2024 - Presence in the US *postponed

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Our office & Fulfillment address : Youyoulong Toys LTD, Lianxia Zhen, Shantou, 551000, Guangdong, China. 

Email : sales@wpl-rc.com