3D Printed Tires for D12 RWD Drift

Video above demonstrating the drift as well as the setup and other stuff needed like the gyro.

The grip level has been fine tuned.

There are now 3 files, each of the files can be printed as 4pcs to be used on all 4 wheels or you can mix it for your preference. For example using the 10.1mm version at the front and 7.5mm version at the back to make it more tail happy as 7.5mm version has less contact patch hence more slippery.

Note that due to the revised diameter of the C34 Wheels, you have either the New or Old version. So you will need to print your file matching to the file name that contains "Old" or "New".

To find out if you have new or old version C34 wheels, Click here

Print with 0.2 or 0.3 layer height. Min 3 outer layers. Infill around 20-25% will do.

Material - use PLA, not TPU or any flexible filament

Download link - Click here to download .zip file



*works with C34 and C44 wheels only as other wheels have slightly different diameter. plus this visually this wheel design is more suitable for D12
- Get C34 wheels here 

*requires no glue. depending on your printer tolerance. just press fit the tire onto the wheel and smash it in with your fist.




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