WPL RC Official Store Affiliate Program

Hello there!

This is Edward from WPL RC.

First and foremost, thank you for being part of the WPL RC brand and its Official Store.

2020 has been a very challenging year due to the pandemic but you guys have shown a very strong support to us!

Now we would like to give back to you, for referring customers to the Official Store and grow this together.

We are looking to expand to the US with US warehouse in 2021, UK & Europe in 2022 and establish a presence in the US in year 2024, so we could hangout, host events and provide even quicker support to you.

If you like us, if you like WPL RC, if you like the service provided by the Official Store so far, and you like to help us achieve our goal, feel free to login to your account, generate the special affiliate link with ID unique to you, share it with your friends, post on social media like Facebook & Youtube, and you will be rewarded with successful orders. 


How to Start

To create new account - affiliate.wpl-rc.com/create-account

To login,Click here - affiliate.wpl-rc.com/login


For ease of tracking your affiliate performance, you can download the app below.


Enter store id 67762

You can login or create new account with this app as well.

Commission from min 3%
Cache cookies of up to 30 days
Once your accumulated commission hit the US$50 threshold, email us for cash payout or conversion for shopping coins
(through Paypal. Paypal fee borned by Affiliate Marketer. )
Customizable product link with your affiliate ID


How to earn more commission!

To reward your effort, get commission % upgraded according to the below chart.
Example, your total accumulated sales brought to the Official Store reached US$5001, you can email us at sales@wpl-rc.com to increase your commission % from 3% to 4%.



*shipping fee is not counted for commission
*buyer who is also an affiliate, commission will not be counted
*sales from fraud will be forfeited
*actual commission will be counted once the order has past 30 days. This number will be different than what is shown on your dashboard vs our report. If there are any refund of the order within 30 days, the commission will automatically be invalid as well.

If you have any question, feel free to reach out to us at sales@wpl-rc.com

See ya!

*WPL RC Official Store reserves the right to deduct commission paid for orders that’s refunded afterwards.