About "Founder" Status Store Account

Who & how to get Founder status?
- those who supported the Official Store during the early stage gets upgraded automatically
- customers who are nice and patient
- actively promoting WPL RC & the official store
- active on our FB page and Official Group
- customers who engage with us
- customers who subscribed to our email list/not opt-out

- early access to new model release
- more to be announced

How do I know if my account is Founder or not? or how to apply?
Email us at sales@wpl-rc.com, provide your store email and we will check and let you know.
* We do not guarantee that by contacting us will get your account upgraded, please see requirements above

Example you can lose the "Founder" status/or demoted,
- being annoying
- impatient
- unreasonable
- attempting to scam

Ideally, I hope everyone can be a Founder, as part of the happy #WPLFamily.