Shipping Policy

The shipping policy has been updated mid-2022,

please visit the new one here.



*All Parcels are shipped with Worldwide Tracking

Before every purchase, please read terms & conditions below regarding our shipping policy to prevent misunderstanding. *this page may or may not be updated from time to time


*** Details about Shipping fee for Non-Free-Shipping Item and tips on getting the most out of it


1. Countries we ship to

Yun Express (Premium shipping method) 
United States(US), United Kingdom(UK), Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Malta, Switzerland, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Philippines - please visit our Official Shopee Store (temporarily paused)
*except Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rica & Alaska US - please input a US mainland address and you arrange for forwarding to your island(your own arrangement)

Actual tracking time below ***for reference only
US - Early October
UK - Early October
Australia - Early November
Portugal - October
Czech - November
Spain - Oct-Nov
Greece - Oct-Nov
France - Nov
Indonesia - Nov
Norway - Oct - Nov
Canada - Oct
Italy - Dec

UBI (Premium shipping method)
- Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore

- South Korea, Israel, Thailand, Kazakhstan
- Indonesia

Ukraine & Russia Direct Line
- Ukraine, Russia (temporarily paused)
- India : please submit your ID, Tax ID and copy of ID to It's required by your country
- Yanwen

Hong Kong
- Via China Post 国际港澳台E特快物品. Shipping time est 4-7 days

2. Delivery period

Yun Express  - normally 2 weeks from when shipper received parcel from us
UBI - normally 2 weeks from when shipper received parcel from us
Ukraine & Russia Line - 1-2 months from when shipper received parcel from us
ePacket - 2-3 months

Example, order made on the 1st day, we pack and fulfill on the 2nd day, domestic shipping to shipper est arrive on the 3rd to 5th day, from there about 2 weeks to you.
All deliveries included Tracking Number
a. you can login to your account for Tracking Number
b. check your email for Tracking Number (sometimes in spam box)

***However, we are in a pandemic and things can change overnight, please do not quote the above for an dispute. Be understanding that while we try our best to fulfill your items within 24hrs, shipping time is where we have no control. If you are very particular about shipping time, please do not order from our site. 


3. Cancellation / Refund Policy

a. You can request for cancellation if - order is not packed or fulfilled yet & with valid reason. This still depends case to case as there are time-zone difference between you sending us the message and us reading the message hours later.

b. No cancellation if,

i. item is packed and fulfilled, as we are not able to pull it back once the parcel is with the shipper. and without valid reason  

ii. customer refuse accepting the parcel upon delivery

iii. buyer remorse

- You may reject the parcel as it's being delivered to you, once we have the SOLID confirmation that parcel is being returned to us, then we will be able to refund to you


4. How much is the shipping fee?

Items with FREE Shipping label is free shipping to Zone 1 countries, except Canada & etc

Just add your item to cart, click checkout, fill up your address, the system will tell you if it's free shipping or if there's any shipping fee

For parts, the shipping fee is per 500gram, Read here for tips on how to add more items without increasing your shipping fee

***Order above USD89(not including shipping) entitles for Free Shipping on spare parts. *except Canada


5. Shipping to Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt & Sri Lanka

a. Register an account on Aramex Shop & Ship
b. Add item to cart, view your cart, add your Aramex account ID to "special instruction/note" box
c. Click checkout, key in the China address provided by Aramex.
* for items with free shipping tag, you may email us to get refund for shipping fee. 
Shipping to Isle of Man
Please check link here for more info

6. I have received the parcel but I no longer want it. Can I return it?

No. Buyer remorse is not accepted.

7. Custom duty

- it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay for import tax/custom duty of their destination
- we are not responsible for delay or any issue caused by Custom as it's beyond our control

8. How do we pack your parcel? 

"Some says, that WPL shipping box is made to survive WW3, all we know is..." - Somesays

"The first thing I want to focus on is what you get when you buy from The quality of the shipping itself. This is a 3 ply heavy duty cardboard that is double wrapped. On the inside everything has its own packages. Wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. Every sensitive piece I received was in perfect working condition. I even stood on top of the box to see and it held my weight!" - Adam Peebles

9. Parcel theft
With the rampant parcel theft happening in the US, we are not responsible for order that have tracking shows "Delivered" and subsequently stolen by thief.
*please keep an eye of your tracking and look out for your door during delivery day.
10. Replacement
If the product arrived with broken parts due to shipping or manufacturing defect, we will only send the replacement parts. We will not send an entire model.
11. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico
- shipping to this location has now been removed due to passenger flight availability issue with China Post. 

If you are keen to order, here's how,

1. Check if you have friends/relative/colleague on the mainland of US as we can ship to them reliably. Typically 2 weeks delivery

2. Place your order and input your friends/relative/colleague's mainland US address

3. We will ship to the mainland address provided and you have your friends/relative/colleague forward it to you *at your own cost. This is the best way. 

12. Parcel delay/no tracking update for too long

- Our delivery takes about 2 weeks to be delivered on average. If you have not received your parcel about 30 days since you placed the order, please contact us immediately! We will not be responsible of your parcel delivery issue if you reach out to us after 50 days of the order is placed.

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For question not listed above, contact us here.