1. What does RTR, Kit, K, KM means?

RTR - stands for Ready to Run. Comes with all the electronics such as Remote, Battery and the car. Just load your batteries and go!

- in some case simply "Kpayp", example C14K, B24K, it means a KIT that require self assembly, comes with softer tires, 180 size motor, higher torque servo.
* doesn't come with electronics. require own Radio, Receiver, ESC, Battery

- KM stands for KIT Metal. Currently the top end of the WPL RC line up. Comes with many essential parts in Metal instead of plastic. Such as Metal Axle Case, Metal Drive Shafts, Metal Steering Knuckle, Dual or Single Speed Gearbox & etc. It's a great out of the box setup that it's cheaper than buying separately and offer much greater performance.
* doesn't come with electronics. require own Radio, Receiver, ESC, Battery
* you can complete the electronics by getting the RES-V3 V3

2. My RES-V3/Sound System V2 turns on, able to trigger the engine, but the car won't move
- it doesn't work with the yellow color Ni-MH 6V
- works best with 2-3s LiPo battery or good quality Li-Ion battery only
- has voltage cut-off at 6V


3. I've purchased the KIT/KM, what else do I need?
a. All-in-One Electronics
b. 2S 500mAh battery
c. some JST cable locally (commonly in red color)
4. What payment type do you accept on the webstore?
- Only Stripe. No Paypal.
- Currency is USD


5. Which countries do you ship to?
Canada, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, South Korea, Vietnam, Austria,  Russia, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Ecuador, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Brazil, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Israel, Slovenia, Croatia, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Ecuador, Chile, 
*if the system tells you that it can't be shipped to your country, contact us at the bottom right of the page. We will work that out for you


6. How much is the shipping fee?

- Items with FREE Shipping tag is Free shipping

- Items without Free Shipping tag has shipping calculated at checkout depending on your destination.

- Here for tips on getting the most out of your shipping fee


7.  My RES-V3 or Sound System V2 sound intermittently
- apply solution below

 8. The servo on my dual speed gearbox isn't working now, my fault i think water goes in. What is the spec of the servo?
- 9 gram servo

9. Tips for smooth axle. Language in Russian. (turn on English Auto-translate)


10. I dismantled the Dual Speed Gearbox and not sure how to put it back. Any instruction?
- Here you go : Click here

11. Types of RTR Receiver board
XX-170R - non proportional. works with 2 pin toys gearbox type of servo
XX-162R - proportional. works with standard 3 pin servo
XX-184 - upcoming new type of board

12a. Labeling on RTR (non-proportional) receiver board XX-170R

12b. Labeling on RTR (Proportional) receiver board XX-162R

13. There a bag with blue color jelly like substance and a tube with red liquid inside, what are they?
As of now the square shape bag with blue jelly is actually the grease for your axle gears and red color liquid in a tube is Loctite, it's essential to apply onto the screw where it goes into metal parts otherwise there's high chance of loosening itself.

14. Can my RTR car take 2S 7.4V Lipo or Li-Ion battery that you sell?
XX-170R board - No
XX-162R board - Yes

15. What is the motor rpm of Single Speed and Dual Speed Gearbox?
Single speed motor : 800rpm
Dual speed motor : 28000-30000rpm

16. What is the gear ratio of Dual Speed Gearbox
Low speed - 29:1
High Speed - 17:1

17. 4x4 and 6x6 Drive Shaft Comparison

18. Light function of the RES-V3 aka Sound System V3
Headlight - always on. When signal lost, it blinks
Tail light - lights up as you Reverse
Side indicators - lights blink as you steer left or right
* Front light can be turned off with long press of spk/light button

19. I bought the KIT and KM. Does it include Electronics like Remote, Receiver, ESC, battery and etc?
No. KIT and KM doesn't include any electronics unlike the RTR. You will need electronics below.

20. Will the V1 tires fit on the C44 V3 rims?

Yeap. C44 wheel diameter is slightly bigger and C44 has taller tires.

21. Where do I put special note/instruction about my order?
On the cart page bro. :-)  See below screenshot

23. I disassembled the Dual Speed Gearbox and not sure how to put it back. Any instruction?  
- Link Click here

24. Non proportional receiver board XX-159R connection
25. C24-1 and C24 what's the difference?
26. How to install the metal steering linkages? Below some photo for reference

27. What are the Connectors name?
28. How to wire up the RES-V3 Radio System?
29. How to Control 2 RES-V3 Receiver with 1 Remote independantly?

30. My RES-V3 have problem. It has no response. Throttle doesn't work. Watch video below
31. How to connect RES-V3 to External ESC?
32. How many Teeth or T does the WPL servo has.