C34 & C44 Guide by Small Scale Adventures

C34 & C44 Guide by Small Scale Adventures

A mega writeup by Small Scale Adventures

Love the timeless looks of a 40 series Toyota Land Cruiser? Then the WPL C34 and C44 are the models for you.

The first model in the range is the C34 RTR. These are a great scale likeness of the FJ40. They come built and, as the name suggests, Ready to Run. With just a pair of 'AA' batteries and the supplied WPL Li-Ion battery plugged in under the bonnet/hood you are in action. However, it’s best to give the battery a top up charge with the supplied USB charger first.

Find the C34 RTR here: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/c34-rtr?ref=ssa

These electronics are the cornerstone of WPL's range and their commitment to quality build from this foundation of fully proportional precise control for both throttle and steering.

The car comes ready built with cast metal axle gears on steel shafts inside plastic axle casings. Discreet internally sprung shock absorbers and four link axle location help keep the classic looks but with modern style performance.

Consider the C34 RTR if you are new to the RC Hobby or purchasing for a young or inexperienced builder. They are ready to go straight away and will allow an almost instant introduction to radio controlled 4x4 trailing fun and provide a perfect platform for future upgrades and modifications.

With the C34RTR My suggested upgrades for your C34 RTR are to first replace the tyres with the soft version and add wheel weights. This will improve the grip and stability of the car.

You could go for the direct replacement C34 V3 Soft tyre or - and my personal preference - C54 V4 Soft tyre.

V3 Soft Tyre: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/tires-v3?ref=ssa

V4 Soft Tyre: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/wheels-tires-v4-c54-new-design?ref=ssa

WPL Wheel Weights: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/wheel-weight?ref=ssa

Next you could upgrade the electronics with WPL Res-V3. A good step up from the RTR radio the Res-V3 will give you higher power handling for further mechanical improvements. It also gives an unheard-of quantity of extra features for its price range. As well as the two fully proportional control channels there are a further two channels available. The third designed to control the gear selection of the WPL two speed gearbox with 370 motor and a fourth that has a built-in winch controller - the WPL winch is specifically designed to fit the bumper. The board also includes a sound and lighting controller.

Res-V3 Electronics: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/r-e-s-v3?ref=ssa

The next step would be to build and install a metal axle set. These come with machined axle gears, ball race bearings and are fully serviceable. They add durability to the vehicle and some weight for extra stability.

Find a real time guide to building WPL Metal Upgrade axles here: https://youtu.be/4OD-m7-56lE

WPL Metal Upgrade Axles: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/metal-upgrade-for-4x4?ref=ssa

At this point you will have nearly built up the car to full KM specification. Add the WPL Adjustable link kit to give strong, adjustable axle location with tougher metal axle trusses.

Link Kit: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/c-series-metal-chassis-linkage-upgrade?ref=ssa

Then you need to decide which powerful 370 motor and gearbox combination to choose. My favourite is the single speed gearbox that comes with the C34 KM for unrivalled ground clearance, but a slow top speed. With the two speed gearbox you get a slow and torquey low range and a fast high gear for trailing.

Single Speed: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/single-speed-gearbox?ref=ssa

Two Speed: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/dual-speed-gearbox?ref=ssa

To further improve your C34 RTR you could also upgrade the steering servo with the WPL metal gear version: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/25g-dmg-servo?ref=ssa

The next option for buying a C34 is the KM (Kit Metal) version. These are the same great scale model as the RTR but come as a kit to assemble and with the important upgrades included.

C34 KM: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/c34-km?ref=ssa

Building the kit your self is a great way to get to know your RC car and allows personalisation of the colour and style without requiring disassembly first.

The C34 KM comes with the WPL metal gear single speed gearbox, metal adjustable axle link set, metal drive shafts AND the fully serviceable metal axles. This kit also includes the soft tyres and wheel weights.

The C34 KM is a great package but it does not come with the control electronics so you should add a WPL Res-V3 complete radio set to your purchase that comes complete with battery and charger.

Res-V3 Complete: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/res-v3-battery-charger-combo?ref=ssa

The Res-V3 is packed with the features mentioned above and is rated up to 3s so can give a good speed boost running the single speed and bucket loads of torque.

The C34 KM is so good out of the box that there are only a few improvements and upgrades that you can make.

The first, and definitely one that you should add to the original order is the metal axle truss. These add some weight and masses of strength to the axle location.

Axle Truss: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/metal-axle-truss-cast-aluminum-2-pieces?ref=ssa

You could also add the WPL winch to your order, its easy to fit during assembly of the kit and can be operated remotely from the Res-V3 Transmitter. https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/winch?ref=ssa

I prefer the V4 tyres over the V3’s supplied. These can be used with the V3 wheels in the kit or with the V4 wheels they come with for a ‘Resto mod’ look.

Other upgrades you might wish to make to your C34 KM is the addition of a metal geared servo or a swap from the single speed transmission to the two speed with a slow and torquey low range and a fast high gear for trailing.

Metal Gear Servo: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/25g-dmg-servo?ref=ssa

Two Speed gearbox: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/dual-speed-gearbox?ref=ssa

To fit the two speed in a C34 chassis you will also need a pair of WPL short drive shafts.

Before embarking on a KM build you should ensure that you have the correct tools available.

A No.1 tip cross head screwdriver and 1.5mm hex driver will be required as will a soldering iron, that you will need to use to attach the wires to the motor.

If considering a metal kit also look at the C44 KM modelling the longer wheelbase FJ45 version of the Land Cruiser, the WPL version features a ‘Aussie style’ flat bed with real wood slats.

C44 KM: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/c44-km?ref=ssa

The C44 KM has some great extra features to the C34 KM. It comes with the WPL metal gear servo and two speed gearbox as standard. You can also get a FREE winch from WPL if you add it to your cart before you check out with your C44 Kit.

WPL Winch: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/winch?ref=ssa

In use the 10mm longer wheelbase hives a more stable feel when driving aided by the lower weight of the tray back body.

The C44 KM has such a good specification as standard there is very little that you need to upgrade. An item that you should add to your cart is the metal axle truss. These add some weight and masses of strength to the axle location.

Axle Truss: https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/metal-axle-truss-cast-aluminum-2-pieces?ref=ssa

You could also as with the other models in the C34/44 range add the great V4 Tyres.v

Feeling a little apprehensive about your first KM build? – check out this playlist on my YT channel of a full real time build of a C44 KM – also useful if building the very similar C34.

Thanks for reading! Mark

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