Shipping Policy 2022

Key details,
a. All parcels are shipped by reliable Premium Airmail with Tracking Number provided.
b. Door-to-door tracking number provided.
c. We process orders within 1-2 days.
d. China Warehouse - Typically delivered in 2 weeks. Sometimes it's faster, sometimes it's slower depending on the season. 
e. US Warehouse - Typically fast 3 days if not 6 days.
f. EU VAT - our shipping method is DDP, means Delivery Duty Paid, duty is already pre-paid by us to your Custom so you should not be charged for any duties.
g. Non EU European countries - our shipping method have had included VAT so you should not be charged VAT, but don't quote me for that.
***However, we are in a pandemic and things can change overnight, please do not quote the above for a dispute. Be understand that while we try our best to fulfill your items within 24hrs, shipping time is where we have no control. If you are very particular about shipping time, please do not order from our site. 
1. Countries we ship to as following,
United States(US), United Kingdom(UK), Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Indonesia, Poland, Malaysia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Malta, Switzerland, Mexico, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Israel, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey and so on.
Additional details for the below destinations,
United States
- China Warehouse ships to all states except the islands such as Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, PR (if you are keen, scroll down to bottom for more info)
- US Warehouse ships to all 55 states including Hawaii & Alaska.
- local deliveries are usually delivered by USPS depending on the load
United Kingdom 
- typically arrives faster than other countries
- parcels are declared at actual value, no complaints of custom duties so far
- local deliveries are usually delivered by Royal Mail and Hermes in some case
- shipping delays normally happen at the Canadian border and local delivery
- US Warehouse ships to Canada as well! Order here for fast shipping. *If there's any import duty to Canada, it's the responsibility of the recipient.
- local deliveries usually by Canada Post
EU Countries VAT
- VAT is included in the selling price/shipping fee and prepaid by the seller.
- after payment is made, please email us at the details listed below, this is required by your country's custom
- your ID, Tax ID, photo of your ID and Tax ID.
South Africa
- please write your 13 digit ID number into the Order Note box(bottom of the cart page) as this is required for shipment to SA
- you can check out normally for small items such as upgrades and parts
- for KIT and KM, please email us at if you are keen
- this is due to very low 2kg shipping limit imposed by shipping company
- RTR is not possible to ship except the Mini series
- ships to all states except island such as Madeira & Azores.
Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan
- Shopee stores are closed. Please shop here. Shipping time is good
- Shopee store is closed. No reliable shipping method from Official Store at the moment.
- usually quite fast, in 7-10 days
- has a strict parcel content policy such as grease and loctite, these will be removed before ship
- Israel custom has been strict about importing goods containing radio frequency so we are unable to ship RTR cars and Radio.
Ukraine & Russia
- temporarily paused due to the war
- requires recipient ID number. Please submit at the "note to seller" at the bottom of the cart page
- max 5 parcels per person per month
- Due to the limited 2kg actual weight and volumetric weight restriction, your KIT/KM may be splitted to multiple parcels to fit the requirement. Retail packaging box may be discarded. RTR is impossible to ship due to this. You may email us for more info.
- Upgrades and parts can be shipped normally.
2. Process of Shipping
a. we process new orders within 1-2 days
b. once it's packed and labeled, it will be domestically shipped to the international shipping company about 400km away from us, usually arrive on the next day
c. international shipping company will then process and pass it to the airline - usually 2-3 days process
d. once it's with the airline, it will reach the destination country in 1-2 days depending on flight availability
e. your parcel will then go through customs clearance and then transit to the local delivery. the speed here will be determined by your local delivery speed
3. Where can I locate the tracking number?
a. Whenever an order is processed, the tracking number is sent to your email. Be sure to sign up with the correct email
b. Login to your store account > order details

4. Cancellation / Refund Policy

a. You can request for cancellation if - the order has not been packed or fulfilled yet & with a valid reason. This still depends from case to case as there are time-zone differences between you sending us the message and us reading the message hours later.

b. No cancellation if,

i. the item is already been packed and fulfilled, as we are not able to pull it back once the parcel is with the shipper. and without a valid reason  

ii. customer refuses accepting the parcel upon delivery

iii. buyer remorse

- You may reject the parcel as it's being delivered to you, once we have the SOLID confirmation that the parcel is being returned to us in China, then we will be able to refund to you. This is a very unlikely scenario due to high shipping cost back to China as well as duties that will be borne by the buyer. The chances of losing the parcel is very high as well due to different address language. Best to post this for sale on our FB group.


5. How much is the shipping fee?

Items with FREE Shipping label is free shipping to Zone 1 countries, except Canada & etc

Just add the item to your cart, click checkout, and fill up your address, the system will tell you if it's free shipping or if there's any shipping fee

For parts, the shipping fee is per 500gram, Read here for tips on how to add more items without increasing your shipping fee

***Order above USD89(not including shipping) entitles to Free Shipping on spare parts. *except Canada


6. Shipping to Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt & Sri Lanka

a. Register an account on Aramex Shop & Ship
b. Add an item to the cart, view your cart, and add your Aramex account ID to the "special instruction/note" box
c. Click checkout, and key in the China address provided by Aramex.
* for items with a free shipping tag, you may email us to get a refund for the shipping fee. 
7. Shipping to Isle of Man
Please check link here for more info

8. I have received the parcel but I no longer want it. Can I return it?

No. Buyer remorse is not accepted.

9. Custom duty

- it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay for import tax/customs duty of their destination
- we are not responsible for delay or any issue caused by Custom as it's beyond our control

10. How do we pack your parcel? 

"Some says, that WPL shipping box is made to survive WW3, all we know is..." - Someone says

"The first thing I want to focus on is what you get when you buy from The quality of the shipping itself. This is a 3 ply heavy duty cardboard that is double wrapped. On the inside everything has its own packages. Wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. Every sensitive piece I received was in perfect working condition. I even stood on top of the box to see and it held my weight!" - Adam Peebles

11. Parcel theft
With the rampant parcel theft happening in the US, we are not responsible for orders that have tracking showing "Delivered" and subsequently stolen by a thief.
* Please keep an eye on your tracking and look out for your door during delivery day.
* Watch news report video here
12. Replacement
If the product arrived with broken parts due to shipping or manufacturing defects, we will only send the replacement parts. We will not send an entire model.
13. Shipping to Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, Puerto Rico

If you are keen to order, here's how,

1. Check if you have friends/relatives/colleagues on the mainland of US as we can ship to them reliably. Typically 2 weeks delivery

2. Place your order and input your friends/relatives/colleague's mainland US address

3. We will ship to the mainland address provided and you have your friends/relatives/colleagues forward it to you *at your own cost. This is the best way. 


14. Parcel delay/no tracking update for too long

- Our delivery takes about 2 weeks to be delivered on average. If you have not received your parcel for close to 30 days since you placed the order, please contact us immediately! We will not be responsible for your parcel delivery issue if you reach out to us after 50 days of the order being placed.


15. Shipping Order with "ONLY Battery"

a. For all the countries, there's no issue with shipping if your order contains either RTR / KIT / KM or minimum a Remote

b. If you are from either US, UK, CA, DE, NL, AT, BE, LT, FR, PL, DK, IT, EE, SE or ES, there's also no issue if your order contains Only Battery

c. If you are from none of the countries above, we are unable to ship "Only Battery", please refer to item a. 

This shipping method is slower than usual, so it's best to purchase additional batteries together when you are ordering KIT/RTR/KM. 

For question not listed above, contact us here.