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If you're new to RC cars, don't worry. Our range of products is designed with everyone in mind - from novices to experts. To get started, here are a few tips:

1. Choose your ride: Browse our range of RC cars and pick the one that suits your style and experience level. Whether you want something basic or something more advanced, we have just what you need.

2. Learn the ropes: If you're new to the world of RC cars, don't panic. We have a wealth of resources and guides available to help you get started. You'll be a pro in no time!

3. Start small: Don't feel like you need to start with a complex build. Start with something simple(RTR model) and work your way up as you gain experience and confidence.

4. Connect with our community: Join our community of RC enthusiasts on our Official FB group and forums to get inspired, share tips, and connect with like-minded people.

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At WPL RC, we categorize the product range by Series. Currently there are B, C and D series. 

This is the B series, which is the Army Truck series. B14 & B24 are 4x4 whilst the B16 & B36 are 6x6. They all have a ladder chassis with leaf spring suspension.

This is the C series. They are civilian off-road vehicles which are currently only available in 4x4. They all have a ladder chassis with multi-link suspension. 

Our latest series, the D series (aka Drift series) or on road Kei truck

E Series is for Tracked Vehicle


Now it comes down to the SPEC. There are 3 specification levels which you will definitely have questions about.

RTR - stands for Ready to Run. It comes with all the electronics such as Remote, Battery and the car. Just load your batteries and go!

KIT - in some cases simply "K". C14K and B24K for example. It is a KIT that requires self assembly, comes with softer tires, 180 size motor, and a higher torque steering servo.
Please note that the KIT does not include electronics. You will need to provide your own radio, receiver, ESC and battery for completion

KM - KM stands for KIT Metal. Currently this is the top end of the WPL RC line up. The KM comes with many essential parts in Metal instead of plastic. For example - Metal Axle Case, Metal Drive Shafts, Metal Steering Knuckles, Dual or Single Speed Gearbox etc. It's a great out of the box setup that works out cheaper than buying the metal parts separately and it offers even greater performance.
Please note that the KIT does not include electronics. You will need to provide your own radio, receiver, ESC and battery for completion
Recommended electronics for the KM is the WPL RES-V3

Summary of SPEC,

For Beginners - if this is your first RC car or WPL RC, I would suggest getting the RTR as it comes prebuilt and includes electronics. Just plug in your battery and play. Get the hang of what the car is about. Please note that this is a very basic spec version in terms of material and performance. It is mainly plastic, so parts breaking and wearing out is something to be expected as this is an off-road vehicle!

For Intermediate - we recommend the KIT spec. This is for those of you who have had experience with RC or WPL and would like to build one according to your own liking. For example: tightening screws with a torque wrench or chassis/suspension adjustment. The tires that come with the KIT and much softer than the tires that come with the RTR models.

For Advanced - we recommend the KM spec. The KM is for the most demanding user. It is the same as the KIT, but with most plastic components replaced with METAL components, and a more advanced gearbox.
Extra Guide 
👉 C14/C24 specific guide from customer Mark Smith

Still not sure which is right for you?

If you are a BEGINNER, just go with the RTR spec and pick any of the model that you like the look of from the B, C or D series. Don't think too hard about which models that you want to purchase, because after your first one, you will come back for more!

If you experience any issues or something breaks on your truck - remember, even top prestige brands like Audi can have issues from time to time. WPL is a low cost entry into the world of RC. We have full spares backup and a quick customer service response time if you do run into issues.

Learning how to fix your own truck gives you a great sense of achievement once its up and running again!

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