Cool Custom Chassis Expansion Plate by Price Dempler!


I designed an expansion plate for C24 (and others that use same rails) that adds a lot more versatility to motor and shock installation. Please post to the STL page on your site. Attached are 4 STL files, 2 screenshots and 3 images of the plate in use. Thank you!!



An expansion side plate that attaches directly to the frame rails of your C24/C14 (and others using the same rails). The plates add a lot more versatility and adjustability to motor and shock installation. They are held in place with the existing screws when mounting the motor and the 8 links.



I designed 2 versions of this part:

  • Basic - extra shock placement holes and several different center heights for center motor mount holes.
  • Versatile - extra shock placement holes with additional holes for different motor mounts and heights. Both the basic and the versatile are offered with 2.5mm or 3mm holes. The 3mm holes standard with the frame are only 3mm on the side plates where the frame rails attach.
  • The STL files are labeled in their filename as Basic or Versatile along with the hole size. The plates themselves have the hole size on the plate itself.
  • You will need to print 2 of whichever one you want (1 for each frame rail). The left and right sides are identical.
  • You may notice some slightly raggedy edges along the frame mounting points. This is a result of using a scan of the frame and importing that scan. These are no practical issues, just not as nice as I would like.
  • Most of the holes along the frame slot in the mounts should line up with existing holes in the frame. In some cases, there are holes in the mounting plate where there is no corresponding hole in the frame rail. This in the event you want to use that particular mounting point and drill a hole in the frame.
  • These plates are about 4mm thick with 2mm frame rail slots. Mounting things between the rails is the same as before. Mounting things on the plate outside of the rails may need adjusting for the extra 2mm of material outside of the frame rail.
  • Please remember these were designed (Tinkercad) and printed (Longer LK4 Pro 3D printer) by someone who just started with this stuff a few months ago.


Print Settings:

  • Filament:
    • PLA - pretty strong but not very flexible – if twisted or bent too far, it will snap. Has not happened to me yet.
    • PETG - very strong and very flexible – if it is twisted or bent too far it will just keep bending! Either filament would be fine for this item.
  • Infill/Fill – 75% fill with at least a 30% wall overlap.
  • Supports – none are needed for these prints.
  • Colors do not matter. Depending on your build, the bottoms of the plates will be visible.


Thankfully this part is simple. Snap the plate on the outside of the frame rail. Should fit snugly. Motor mount and link mount screws will secure the plate to the frame during build.

Warmest Regards,

Price Dempler


Download all files -  Click here