WPL RC Events Around the World! (October 2022)

1. United States

Event happened at Halloween Haul & Crawl, Alabama US on the 8th and 9th October.
Big thanks to BIG ES RC & Wyatt Buntin for making this happen for WPL RC!
I hope more and more WPL Fans coming out to crawl & trail together.
"So these are the pictures of the 2 wpl prize winners the guy who won the d42 owns (exocagedrc) youtube channel and was super stoked about the winning the d42!! Go check his channel out!! And here are some of the pictures!! I gotta edit and upload all my wpl footage!!"
2. Indonesia

Happened on the 30th October.
Organized by the man Ginda Sonagi in the popular travel destination of Indonesia, Bandung city. 
You can't deny this is the largest WPL RC event ever! D12 Madness is a series of WPL D series One Make Race and Show & Shine. 
Interestingly, the organizer created the "Mom & Female Category" too! and it's well received!

There are too many photos so you can check out the photos uploaded to the google drive by the organizer.

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