NOTICE : Chinese New Year 2021 Break

NOTICE : Chinese New Year 2021 Break

3 Days Left to Place Your Orders before Chinese New Year!

Last Day to order on 4th Feb (GMT+8)

This is so we could get your orders ship out latest by the 6th Feb (GMT+8).

We will temporary stop accepting orders on 7th & 8th Feb for stocktaking.

Any orders placed from the 9th Feb will be processed from 20th Feb onwards.

Expect delay of processing your orders due to 12 days accumulated orders.

*Please order by 4th FEB!

What to expect for deliveries coming Chinese New Year 2021 celebration

Official Store : the store will still be taking orders 24/7, 365 days a year. You can still place orders normally

Customer service : OFF from 9th to 19th Feb

Factory : OFF from 3rd-19th Feb

Domestic delivery :
Delivery 1 : stop collecting parcel on 4th Feb
Delivery 2 : no Off day

International delivery :
Yun Express : OFF on 11-14th Feb. 15-17th on duty only.
UBI : OFF on 10-12th Feb. 13-16th Feb on duty only.
Jnet :
ePacket :

*note : it doesn't mean that things will go back to the normal on the 15th Feb as the operation is at reduced capacity and we need to rely on domestic delivery to handover the parcels to the international shipping company as well.
If you plan to order anything please do it now or risk waiting longer due to the CNY break above.
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