How to - Making Your Own KM version C54-1

How to - Making Your Own KM version C54-1

A blog post by Small Scale Adventures

Well done for making the awesome choice of purchasing the C54-1 RTR. You now own the best RTR platform that WPL offer, with all new C series chassis, ball joint suspension linkages, 25g servo and 280 motor.

Can it get any better you ask? The answer is YES. Once you have enjoyed your C54-1 RTR for a while or as part of an initial order to build the best C54-1 possible, you may be looking to make some upgrades to the chassis and running gear.

Your first stop could be the Accessories section of the WPL official store (you'll also find these in the Spare Parts list at the top of the C54-1 RTR page). Here you will find the V4 wheel and tyre set. Select the Soft version to replace the Hard RTR tyres and you will transform the ability of the rig over difficult terrain.

🤜 V4 Soft Wheel and Tyre set:

You could also add two pairs of WPL wheel weights. Fit these to the front wheels in place of the foams that come with the V4 wheel and tyre set. This will add a front bias to enhance climbing up gradients and over obstacles.

🤜 WPL Wheel weights:

To further improve the balance and lower the centre of gravity of the rig, as well as adding toughness and durability to the drivetrain the next upgrade should be the WPL 4x4 Metal Axle upgrade.

🤜 WPL Metal Axle and drive shaft set:

Once you have the strongest drivetrain in place you can improve the power available. A great choice is the WPL 370 motor and two speed gearbox. This will give the rig a slow and tourquey low range and a faster high range to keep up on the trail.

🤜 370 Motor Two Speed Gearbox:

To control the gear selection, and give a whole range of other improved and upgraded features you should convert the RTR electronics to WPL Res-V3.

With the Res-V3 electronics you will be able to remotely control the gear selection and electronic drag brake. On top of this it also offers full lighting outputs, sound simulation and a fourth channel with built in winch controller.

🤜 WPL Res-V3 Combined Electronics:

You can take full advantage of the Res-V3 features by fitting a WPL winch. The C54-1 is designed to fit the WPL winch without any modification necessary.

🤜 WPL Winch kit:

To make full use of the WPL upgrades available you could also fit the stronger and heavier WPL 25g Metal Gear servo.

🤜 WPL 25g Metal Gear Servo:

If you have decided not to fit a winch to this rig you could personalise yours further with the high clearence front bumper, check it out in the C54 Spare Parts section.

🤜 C54 High Clearance Front Bumper:

In the spare parts section you will also find the metal side step upgrade. These add some extra weight to the body to enhance the realistic suspension movement over bumps and undulations.

🤜 C54 Metal Side Steps:

However you build, use and modify your C54-1 be sure to share your progress with WPL and on the WPL Official Facebook Group, a great global community packed with like minded people who will help and advise if you have encountered difficulty and who all share the same enthusiasm for WPL product builds.

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