About Your Orders Delay

Hi All,

Edward from WPL RC.

I've failed you all. We pride ourselves for great service and fast fulfillment but the response from the year end was overwhelming. We are still trying to clear the backlog from end of Dec and it's still piling up.

It's also a difficult time now to hire new staff because it's close to Chinese New Year, so people prefer to switch to new job only after CNY on February.

But we can't drag this backlog further, today we have got 2 cousins from Huang side to help as well as staff from the factory to further speed up the fulfillment of the orders.

I expect to clear up the 188 backlog this week and back to 24hrs fulfillment.

Also I really really appreciate the trust and patience from you guys during this busy hour. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out ya!

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