26th March 2020 - Shipping Update

Hello Dear WPL Family,

Thank you for your continuous support of WPL RC and I hope you well amid this coronavirus outbreak that is currently disrupting the world.

We are shipping normally and have been monitoring the shipping situation and would like to inform you to expect longer than estimated shipping time. This is due to many flights cut between countries such as in between China to the US and Europe and our Airmail rides on commercial flights.

Looking at the current situation, we are unsure when will this be back to normal as we are not seeing the virus situation improving globally, yet.

Therefore we seek your understanding with the delay of delivery in time like this.

You can still continue to order, and we will process it but if you're worry of the delivery, then i recommend waiting out as we are unable to do anything if the parcel is already "shipped".

Rest assured we will assist you as much as we can and taking care of your orders.

Feel free to contact us at sales@wpl-rc.com should you have any questions.

Thanks and stay safe!
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