11th Feb 2020 - Situation amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Update : 11th February

Hi all, thank you for your continuous support and patient during the long CNY break as well as delay due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Therefore, as soon as the factory resumed on the 10th, we immediately process the orders and most of you should have received tracking update at your email by now, if you have not, just allow us a little more time.

As I'm unable to return to China due to the entry and travel restriction amid this coronavirus outbreak period, I have to coordinate remotely with the team at WPL RC which proven to be very difficult, though they have done a very good job!

The virus outbreak is still worsening at this stage that there are still many uncertainties. On Monday, factory has to close early for the safety of our staff at WPL RC, as there's suddenly road closures around the factory area. Even Beijing and Shanghai is under quarantine now.

Hence the factory is again closed on the Tuesday 11th and estimate to resume again on Wednesday 12th.

Therefore, despite receiving the tracking number, please allow more time for expected delivery period as we know there are many countries such as the US, Philipines, Vietnam, Singapore and etc that has barred flight from China which will definitely affect airmail parcel. I expect that there will be delay once your parcel reaches Shenzhen, which is the outbound port.

Anyhow, we will try our best to fulfill your orders/inquiry during this difficulty period and seek your understanding.

Just feel free to PM us if you have any questions.




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