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Wires & Connectors for Sound System V3 (For Official Store Members only)

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This is an initiative from the Official store for Official Store Member.

If you previously purchase the Sound System V3 but the Connectors & Wires Pack wasn't available.

Essential for beginners who don't have extra connectors laying around. 

1. Wires & Connectors Starter Pack
- as a set for purchase of Sound System V3

2. Motor Wires + JST XH Connector for 130/180 motor
- this has thin wires, suitable for 130/180 motor only
3. Motor Wires + JST XH Connector for 370 size motor
- this has thicker wires hence suitable for 370 size motor which pulls more current

4. Black JST XM Connector
- If you have battery from WPL RC, this connector is compatible

5. Power Switch
- to turn your vehicle on and off conveniently without unplugging battery

6. Red JST Connector
- for if you have battery using connector of this style

Name of the white connector is called "JST PH 2.0mm 2 Pin"

Shipping weight : 0.02 kg