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Shipping Updates

Update 14th June 2021
- Take note possibility of custom tax payment upon delivery. We will not charge the VAT upon sales. Customer to be responsible for VAT or any duties upon delivery and we will not be responsible(ie refund) for changes in this regulation by the European Union if you choose to not paying the VAT/duties upon delivery.
06th June 2021 : Recent shipping time. From 14th May.
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US *non battery : Click here
US *with battery : Click here
UK : Click here (7-10 days)
Canada : Click here
Australia : Click here 
Germany : Click here


26th March 2021 : Hong Kong shipping channel is now available via China Post's 国际港澳台E特快物品


18th March 2021:According to the notification from the service provider, severe thunderstorms may develop in the southern part of the United States in the next few days. Severe thunderstorms could produce damaging winds, large hail, tornadoes and heavy rain. Severe thunderstorms will spread from Austin and Dallas, Texas to Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Wichita, Kansas. The thunderstorms are expected to cause one to three days delivery delay in the southern of the United States.

1. Please make sure address and contact number provided is correct everytime
2. Certain commercial address are not reachable, please use residential address
3. Due to the covid issue, non-contact delivery will be done. Therefore certain parcel will be delivered to the mailbox. Please keep an eye on the tracking & retrieve the parcel immediately. Also making sure the mailbox is empty all the time.



Update 22nd Feb - New VAT policy related to UK
- Yun Express will not accept parcel value declared above USD135, depending on the situation we *may split your order to below USD135 value each.

- We Will NOT collect VAT upon point of sale. Customer will be responsible for the payment of the VAT with UK custom if there's any. 

Update on 05th Feb - Recent shipping time update
Click below for random samples of shipping time statistic from 17track.

Early Jan 2021
US - Click here
UK - Click here  


Dec 2020
Australia - Click here
Canada - Click here
Germany - Click here
Japan - Click here
South Korea - Click here
Belgium - Click here
France - Click here
Denmark - Click here
Austria - Click here
Spain - Click here
Finland - Click here
Greece - Click here
Italy - Click here
Netherlands - Click here
Norway - Click here 
Poland - Click here 
Portugal - Click here
Sweden - Click here 
Romania - Click here 
Russia - Click here

Update 26th Jan 2021

Hey all,

For orders to Canada. Expect 25-40 days just for "Transit" alone.

Transit means from border to border, not the whole shipping period. The delay is caused by customs and last mile carriers. From our experience the issue with the route to Canada is as long as the parcel hasn't pass the Canadian custom, it will still show like it's still in China.
Update 18th Jan 2021
*Yun Express to Ireland has recovered

* Update 09 Jan 2021
Due to the uncertainty with custom duty after Brexit, please be patient when you run into issue with Custom asking for tax of your parcels later. We are not sure if delivery to UK will be affected and closely monitoring this.




*Update 31st Dec 
Do not use the SHOP app for tracking, there is bug in the app.
Please use the 17track link provided by us for tracking update. Download the app
*Update 25th Dec
- Ireland - Yun Express no longer ship to overloaded warehouse in Ireland and the uncertainty with Brexit. Therefore we will switch to ePacket with your permission
- Canada - expect more than 2 weeks delivery

*Update 22nd Dec
Tracking issue to UK and AU - Click here

*Update 17th Dec
- due to lack of flight to Canada, expect longer waiting time for parcel when it's at China.

*Update 11th Dec - Shipping delay within US domestically due to,

- worsening pandemic in the US, Mid East and East side with rising number, more lockdown
- year end spike in parcel delivery due to christmas spending
- cold weather

*Delay in Ireland due to spike in year end sales. 
*Delay in Canada due to road closure caused by heavy snow. Postcode with "R" and also "B" will not be accepted. Previously accepted parcel will be delayed by 10-13 days on top of normal delivery period
*Delay in Portugal due to year end sales. additional 4-6 days delay on top of normal period
*Delay in Berlin due to year end sales. additional 4-6 days on top of normal period

*Update 3rd Nov - Due to the new lockdown in UK and Germany, expect delivery delays when it reaches the destination country. We are still accepting orders to all countries normally


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