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RES-V3 - Radio, ESC & Sound Controller All-In-One

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 ***If you are New to RES-V3, please watch this video before connecting your RES-V3! We can tell whether it's a defect or user error. No replacement for user error. Every single unit of RES-V3 are tested at the factory & at Official Store again before being sent out.

Previously known as Sound System V3. It has now renamed to RES-V3 so everyone knows it isn't just a Sound System Module but an All-In-One electronics with multiple functions listed below.
- New naming credit to Daniel Stephens

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The most awesome RC All-In-One Electronics in the world with many functions packed in one at very low price. 
It has very fine throttle control that you will like for low speed crawling!
👉 Get extra board here so you can control two boards with one remote


All-in-One Functions
- Forward & Reverse
- Steer Left & RIght
- Winch Control (Pull/Release)
- Gear Shift Control (High/Low)
- Sound Control
- Light Control(Headlight,Signal,Reverse)
- On/Off Drag Brake
- Car 1/2 Switching
- Receiver with built in ESC (7A)
- Proportional Control
- Petrol or Diesel Sound module
- Low voltage protection
- Support 2-3S
- PWM output for External ESC
- Auto Drag Brake at Low Gear
Low voltage protection
2S - 6V
3S - 11V
ESC max supported current : 7A continous, 14A Burst
Requires two AA batteries for remote(not included)
What's new in V3 vs V2
PWM output for external ESC
Added Auto Drag brake at Low Gear
(manual braking at high gear)

Doubled the ESC amp output
Triple radio signal
Even better throttle modulation
Gear shift now starts at high gear
What's included,
- 1x Remote
- 1x Receiver
- 1x Speaker
- 1 set Wires & Connectors


* use this on WPL's 370 motor only, aftermarket motor may I have issue
* requires soldering the motor wire
* Solution to Sound breaking out issue at high RPM
* not backward compatible with V2 Sound System
* the set doesn't come with any plug/battery connector, you may use your own that fits
* doesn't work with the yellow color 6V 700mah Ni-CD battery 
* in case you're on single speed gear, gear shift button becomes the On/Off for Auto Drag Brake
* actual receiver may look a little different but function is the same
* USE ONLY WPL's 370 motor, the 130/180 motor tend to have inteference issue unless 104 caps added
* we do not and never claim this as Waterproofed despite the insulation on the board
* do not use connectors from MN/Fayee, they are reversed, you risk frying your board!


Video Playlist for everything related to RES-V3

Watch video below to find out how it works and all the cool features!

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