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C44 - KM

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- Just add C44KM and Winch into the cart and it will automatically deduct USD16 off your cart and Winch becomes Free. 

Scale : 1/16

This is Metal Kit version of the latest greatest WPL RC C44KM that got everyone crazy about and bombarded us with request of its availability.

Now it comes in White that wasn't reveal before. Trust me you will want both colour! Photo shown colour comparison, pretty close to actual car.

What's new vs C34KM? - Longer wheelbase, Corrected Ackerman Steering, Dual Speed Gearbox, Metal Gear Servo, Axle Truss Harder Version ***there was never Metal Axle Truss included!

Some of the metal parts such as Metal Axle Case, Brass Gear, Wheels weight, Metal Steering Knuckle, Metal Drive Shafts, 370 brushed motor + Dual Speed Gearbox & etc.

Note 1 : require self assembly

Note 2 : require own radio, receiver, esc, battery

* Price included shipping to most country

Recommended to purchase together,

Winch - FREE with purchase of C44KM
Metal Axle Truss - no worry of breaking again

Instruction Manual - Download

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