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C34 - KM

Regular price $89.00 USD

Brand : WPL RC
Scale : 1/16

This is Metal Kit version of the beautiful WPL RC C34 Kit that got lots of love when it was first revealed. Trust me it looks more beautiful than any photos!

It's also the first introductory model to WPL RC's official line of Metal upgrades, which is cheaper buying the KM version than to upgrade separately.

Some of the metal parts such as Metal Axle Case, Brass Gear, Single Speed Gearbox, Wheels weight, Metal Steering Knuckle, Metal Drive Shafts & etc.

With single speed gearbox, it has much higher ground clearance at the center.

Note 1 : require self assembly

Note 2 : require own radio, receiver, esc, battery

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* Tips - with the rear cabin removed, you can make it look like a jeep style

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Instruction Manual - Download