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3S 12.6V 30A Brushed ESC

3S 12.6V 30A Brushed ESC

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Product of WPL RC

  • supports 3S 12.6V battery *does not work with 6V yellow NiCd pack
  • continuous current 30A
  • BEC output standard 5V 
  • support WPL's own 180, 260 and 370 brushed motor only
  • jumper to enable/disable drag brake
  • overheat protection max at 100C
  • PWM Freq : 1000Hz
  • low voltage cut at 6V
  • motor stall protection when current draw hits over 30A
  • great throttle modulation (you know if you are user of RES-V3)
  • use of other motor at your own risk
  • this is a standalone esc that requires receiver of your own

* on the physical ESC it may be labeled as "2S 30A" but these are actual 3S 30A capable ESC

* recommended to use with the WPL 2 Speed Gearbox to maximize the high resolution throttle modulation

* the ESC is configured to be very sensitive and may move even when signal wire is not connected. Just connect your signal wire to the receiver for it to get proper signal and it will be fine. This will be fixed in the coming batch.

Watch the video below to see a clear comparison btw WPL ESC and Cheap ESC. You will be convinced. 

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