Parts Required For Making a C74 - KM

Parts Required For Making a C74 - KM

Planning to make a KM version of the new C74 but not sure what are the right parts to make one?

Check out the write-up below!

Although the C74 has the same wheelbase as the C14, C24 and C54, it uses a longer than traditional length drive shaft due to the orientation of the front and rear axle.

Therefore, you will need the combination of the 2 Speed Gearbox and 2 pcs of the 34mm Inner Drive Shaft so that your gearbox is able to transmit the power to both the front axle and the rear axle.

Now that you have upgraded it with a 2 speed gearbox, you will need a RES-V3 to realize the 2 speed feature as well as fulfilling the higher amp draw from the bigger 370 motor. The new 370 motor requires max 7A when it's stalled, which the RES-V3 can support. *You may risk burning the stock C74 receiver if you decide to run the 370 motor as the receiver outputs max 5A only.

The next upgrade you will need is the Metal Upgrade for 4x4, this will upgrade your axle to the metal one which provides durability and more weight down. You will need the 2x 34mm Inner Drive Shaft above to swap with the shorter Inner Drive Shaft that comes with this upgrade pack.

The next essential upgrade is the Metal Wheel Weight! The C74 being a 1/10 scale, has a rather large body compared to the C14, C24, and C54, therefore it tends to tip over due to the high center of gravity. Get 4 pcs of the metal wheel weight to stick your C74 to the ground! *C74 comes with a soft version of tires, so be sure to glue it

Lastly, not necessarily but optional is the 17g Metal Gear Servo. It doesn't cost you a lot more but you don't want to be disappointed with a shredded plastic gear servo halfway in your RC adventure.

So let me list all the upgrades below for your convenience

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