World Fastest D12 Challenge


Rules & Regulation


Standard chassis:
- Original WPL D12 chassis only(Only cut for larger motor/gearbox is allowed)
- Original WPL drive shaft(either plastic or metal)
- Original WPL rear axle only(either plastic or metal)
*Upgraded motor or direct drive allowed
*motor & gearbox can be bigger than stock/non WPL

Modified RWD:
- Non WPL chassis
- Unlimited class
- Must have D12 body on it
- Rear wheel drive only

Modified FWD or 4WD:
- Non WPL chassis
- Unlimited class
- Must have D12 body on it
- Front wheel drive or 4-Wheel Drive only

*Applies to All class
- Wheelbase between 180mm to 210mm only
- Full D12 body which includes front cab and rear bed
-- No Cut on body allowed. However, you may add aero parts such as skirt or wing for stability
- You can submit new entry that beat your previous record.
- No limit of how many attempts.
- You can join more than 1 categories.
- attempt on flat ground only. no slope
- straight run only

Rules when making challenge video, includes the below:
- Intro yourself
- Specify which category you are competing
- Explain your setup according to your category
- Attempt the top speed run in both direction
- Return to reveal the top speed reading
- Upload video to youtube and World Fastest D12 FB Group with hashtag #WFD12
*Video must be shot from the beginning to the end, no cut in between

Challenge ends 30th April > Extended to 30th May

Prizes -
Each class 3 prizes
1st - Next generation D12 + Recognition plate
2nd - Car KIT + Recognition plate
3rd - Car KIT + Recognition plate

*WPL RC reserves the right to request for additional information or re-run for submission of speed run that is unclear/suspicious or doesn't fit the category's requirement


How to submit your runs.
Submit your Youtube video link and speed achieved at the "List of Speed Record" pinned post at World Fastest D12 Official Group

For any questions, please post in the FB Group link above.

*Details highlighted in Red indicates recent update/changes 

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