Welcome Back to The 100% Official Store

Hey All! Love to have you all back here!

You can now(or 24hrs from now) start splashing your money at your favourite WPL RC products.

Some changes I would like to share with you below,

1. Shipping is now by Yun Express which reliably get delivered in 2 weeks. Countries in SEA side shipped via UBI Express

2. Despite the hike in shipping fee, we managed to keep the price of the KMs and all other products the same or lower except, KIT and RTR has gone up in price due to now parcels measured in volumetric weight instead of actual weight. (our car/box is large)

3. All FREE Shipping item maintained Free Shipping. Yeah

4. For item without FREE shipping tag, ie the parts, they go by weight bracket at incremental of 500gram. ie 0-0.5kg, 0.5-1kg and so on. You will be quoted shipping fee before payment.

5. Click here for tips/tutorial for getting the most out of your Shipping Fee. 

6. You can now see the actual shipping weight at the bottom of product description.

7. We have hired a new fulfillment staff and gonna start shipping out your orders on the 16th as he undergoes training.

8. Payment - We will no longer be using Paypal as our payment processor, our new partner now is Stripe which also has buyer protection. However, rest assured we take your orders seriously if you have any problem, just speak to us via channels below.
*** you do not need to register for Stripe account ***
*** just have your debit/credit card ready ***

9. We are here to stay, with you. #WPLFamily

Read here for how to win the limited edition signed D-Series T-shirt by Mr.Huang


If you have any questions, please ask us via below channel,
Facebook page PM - https://www.facebook.com/wplrcofficial
Email - sales@wpl-rc.com

Thanks again! 😘😘😘
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