US Warehouse - Temporarily Closed for Improvement

US Warehouse - Temporarily Closed for Improvement

Hey guys,

Edward here.

I want to say I deeply care about your shopping experience with us.

The US warehouse we recently appointed has done a terrible terrible job. Order are not processed for days, and even if it's updated as processed, there's still no tracking update for days.

This is not the standard we want you to experience with us. The China warehouse has been able to process 99% of the orders within 24hrs because we understand shipping across the boarder takes time and hence we always fulfill it as fast as possible.

In the coming days we will temporarily remove the US warehouse from the store and will put it back up once we have transferred it to another fulfillment company.

For those who have experienced the shitty shipping time from the new US warehouse, I'm deeply sorry. If you have faced any issue with that, please send us an email immediately.

Thank you
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