Temporarily Not Accepting Order

Hey guys, it's sad to inform that we have to stop accepting orders temporarily for a few days. You will not be able to "add to cart".

This is due to the drastic increase in shipping fee that certain product or destination will no longer be possible to ship and we longer able to bear the loses as the bill revealed that many of the orders last month were sold at lost due to not being informed on the 2nd drastic raise in shipping fee.

In the coming days,

1) Rest assured we are processing orders made before this but not fulfilled/shipped. We will inform you if there's any changes
*update : Non-US orders are shipped
US orders to be shipped before or by 12th May

2)  To confirm new shipping method/fee


If you have any questions, you can

1) Contact us via FB messenger, http://m.me/wplrcofficial

2) email to sales@wpl-rc.com

Do not worry about your previous orders, it's severely delayed, not lost.

Be patient and let me sort this out.🙏🙏🙏

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