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Read this if you are buying C54 and you are not sure what chassis to put on.

Posted by Edward Chew on

Hey there! I've created the guide below to help you to make the decision for getting the chassis for the new C54 bodyshell.

Option 1,

If you are new to RC or WPL, I suggest getting one of the RTR below.

This is so when you received your order, you can play with either of the RTR above right away as it's "Ready to Run" which means just plug your battery and you are good to go. Then it's as easy as just removing few screws to put on the new C54 bodyshell.

Option 2,

If you know WPL RC's range of models well, I would suggest to go KM right away for best performance with the C54. Get the below,


Then get these electronics - Click here


Option 3,

This is what I did, more expensive option but I love it!


C24- 1 KIT : because it's so handsome and I haven't had one yet

Then I add the below,
C54 Wheels + Tires * trust me this improves crawling performance so much! very significant!

Your Points Balance :