*WE ARE BACK! Fulfillment Disruption at WPL RC Official Store

*WE ARE BACK! Fulfillment Disruption at WPL RC Official Store

*** WE ARE BACK TO OFFICE! All Pending orders have been shipped!

Hey guys,

This is Edward from WPL RC.
You may have read in the news that China is experiencing a huge spike of covid infection again this week and unfortunately there are 5 cases in the city of our office and therefore it's placed under lockdown again and all our staffs are unable to enter to report to work. The bridge to the city has been barricaded.
Although China still maintain zero covid policy but they have switched to a more targeted lockdown rather than a blanket lockdown and we are expecting the lockdown to be lifted this Friday and our staffs to return to office to fulfill your orders immediately.

I'm sorry that this has caused delay to receiving your WPL order. 
For those who have ordered from the US warehouse, it's from a new 3rd party fulfillment company we have appointed, and there has been delay in fulfilling your order as they are still sorting out our inventory.

Rest assured I care about your order and the delivery speed so we have been pushing hard on this everyday.
If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email.
Thank you
Date : 24th Nov 2022
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