Chinese New Year 2021 Break

Alright guys, we are now officially off for Chinese New Year break!

You can still place orders normally on the Official Store and it will be processed on the 20th Feb. Expect orders to pill up so order early to get up in the queue.

Aftersales will still go on with our WPL RC & Beer enthusiast Liam Sullivan, but at reduced capacity.

During this period I've signed up a course for myself for business management, on how we can manage this business even better & better team building. We are also desperately looking for a new Manager for the fulfillment side as there were numerous mistakes made during the Dec-Jan period and I'm really sorry for that. Also most importantly, you guys have been really patient in sorting it out with us! 🙏🙏

2020 was a hell year during the April to August period but it has been an awesome ride with you guys when we got back into the business from September 2020.

I would love to again, from the bottom of my heart together with Huang and Jack, THANK YOU EVERYONE for the PATIENT, SUPPORT, LOVE, FEEDBACK, GOOD TIME AND MANY MANY THINGS.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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