30% of Parcels Longer than 30 Days Shipping Time! - 19th April 2020

* Update - 
A great video detailing how Airmail is affected by massive international flight cuts as Airmail board passenger flight as cargo on the plane's belly.

*News about international flight reduction

Aloha guys. These are all tracking from 15th March just one day alone. Though most are delivered but there are like 30% of them still undelivered, which is more than 30 days.

Though saying this may affect our sales but if you like to order, please be prepared for possibly more than 30 days delivery ya.

There's also issue with the local post of destination country, the local post isn't delivering despite landed more than 7 days ago.

*Update : Why is my parcel at "Shenzhen" and no update for 2 weeks?
There could be 2 scenarios,
1) This is due to the many flight cuts around the world and Airmail rides on passenger flight as cargo. So your parcel is still waiting for the next flight to board
2) The parcel have arrived at the destination country but queuing for Custom and unfortunately there's no update at this point until it has cleared custom

Cheers guys

Some discussion about it at Reddit with delay from other sellers as well





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