14th Feb - Orders over 2KG Split to 2 parcels

Hi all,

Thank you for your continuous support and patient of the WPL RC Official Store.

We have processed the majority of the orders last week and you should have received tracking update in your email already, if you have not, there could be few reasons below,

1. still processing, just give us a little more time :-)

2. your order are for spare parts, we are unable to process orders of spare parts for now

3. your order has KIT/upgrade parts, but also contain spare parts, therefore we are unable to process for now

For order with spare parts, you may have to wait until the situation back to normal from the Coronavirus disruption, or reply this email for order cancellation, or request to remove spare parts from your order.


For those who have received tracking order update, you may find the tracking number confusing, this is due to parcels above 2kg are unable to ship, KIT such as the B16KM and B36KM will have to be split to 2 parcels. 

Some of you may receive tracking number such as below,

Example A -  LS123456789CN/LS987654321CN

- your tracking number are  LS123456789CN and LS987654321CN


Example B - LS123456789CN-LS987654321CN

- your tracking number are  LS123456789CN and LS987654321CN


To track, visit,



For any latest update of the Official Store shipment, please visit below site,

Official FB page - https://www.facebook.com/wplrcofficial 

Offcial Store Annoucement - https://www.wpl-rc.com/products/chinese-new-year-2020-announcement?variant=31402602627106


Feel free to reply to this email if you have any question





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