Great Tips to get Started - by Mark Smith from Small Scale Adventures

Great Tips to get Started - by Mark Smith from Small Scale Adventures

💲 Comprehensive Tips from Mark Smith of Small Scale Adventures.💲

Took a long time to type all this I'm going to post it at every opportunity 😉

Buying a C14/24? Here's my thoughts.

First off unless you really want the convenience of Ready to Run, get the Kit or Kit Metal version . Obviously if the rig is for a small person or very inexperienced builder the RTR is the one to go for, but with support the 12 year olds I teach have coped with assembling the kits and I'm sure there are many younger who would too.

Before starting a kit build it's also worth considering the tools required. You will need to use a soldering iron to connect and in some cases extend motor wires to plug into the control board.

A good quality No.1 tip Phillips screwdriver will make the build more pleasurable and if opting for the KM version a 1.5mm hex driver will be required also.

There's a great range of tools available at the WPL Sister store Asia RC Depot.

Back to the Kits! Check out the C14/24 Kits below as a great place for starting an RC building journey.

When buying the Kit or Kit Metal version you get with it one of the most important first upgrades over the RTR, the super soft and compliant tyres.

However with both the kit versions you will also need to select which electronics to use. For the Kit version you can choose between the Basic electronics (as come with the RTR versions) or the Res-V3. The standard electronics will work well in the Kit if you don't intend to complete many more modifications and upgrades.

With the Res-V3 you will open the door to fully upgrading your rig and making it more powerful, including the third channel required for gear selection on the WPL two speed gearbox, high current handling and capability to use 3S batteries.

Basic Electronics pack:
Res-V3 Electronics pack:

With the Res-V3 you get included with the combined electronics a light controller and sound generator, the third channel for gear selection and a forth channel with built in winch controller.

One of the nicest features of the Res-V3 is that the gear selector activates an electronic drag brake on the low range (this prevents the rig running away down hill).

If using the single speed gearbox switchable drag brake still activated from the controller so the driver can chose to activate it as required.

If you choose the KM version of the rigs you will get most of the important upgrades included. The Kit Metal comes with, wheel weights, fully serviceable metal case axle set and two speed gearbox.

You would need to add the Res-V3 electronics set to a KM order to control the car and select gears.

The best other upgrade to add would be the adjustable link and metal truss set, which allows more precise setting of the suspension links and greater range of flex in the suspension movement. The metal axle truss also adds weight lowdown to reduce the centre of gravity and is significantly stronger than the plastic version.

Adjustable link and metal truss set:

If choosing the Kit version my recommendation would also be to add the Res-V3 electronics to your order. This gives greater scope for further modification and upgrades.

I would start by adding the metal axle upgrade set and adjustable link set, giving a great durable chassis for then increasing the power of the motor.

Metal axle and drive shaft upgrade:

Adjustable link and metal truss kit:

Adjustable link and truss kit fitting guide:

You could also use the WPL wheel weights which will keep the wheels firmly planted and ensure that the suspension can give it's best flex.

Now you will have a rig built nearly to full KM specification, however you can then choose between the WPL motor and gearbox upgrades that best suit your build.

With the two speed gearbox you will have built your rig up to KM specification and will have the convenience of higher trailing speed and low range crawling.

Two speed gearbox:

However my personal favourite is the single speed. This does require some minor modifications to the casing and C14/24 chassis but does give unrivalled ground clearance and comes with metal internals. You can also still take advantage of the switchable drag brake function of the Res-V3.

Single speed gearbox:

Single speed gearbox fitting guide:

To further enhance your enjoyment and use you could then use a 3S battery this increases the power and speed when using the single speed. I have found that the two speed gearbox does not really require this, but it certainly can be fun to have the extra power and speed!

WPL supply a larger capacity 2S battery that fits neatly in the C14/24 battery compartment and provides significantly longer run times.

High capacity battery set:

The most important thing of course is to enjoy your build, have fun personalising your rig and take part in the massive global community built around these awesome scale off roaders!
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