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E1 - Coming "Not So Soon"

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*update as of June 2021 - many have been asking about the E series, and I'm sorry that we have already announced this since 2018 I guess and it's still not being released. Reason being, we are RC hobbyist ourselves, we make RC because of our passion, not really for money, frankly speaking there are products that we just sell at cost.

We still consider WPL RC as a new brand, so we want to get our products out to as many people as possible at a low price point. As you can see for example, C14/C24 are lower details at lower price, and gradually increased in terms of quality/details and price with the C34/C44.

We develop each model with a lot of effort, time and cost. You will understand the complexity of developing a RC product once you have the opportunity to pay us a visit. Each model takes about 2 years from ideation to launch. We don't just slap everything together and just sell for chaching. There are a lot of consideration taken into. And even in China, the cost of producing a mold is very expensive.

There's are also extra cost/space required to store parts for newly released model. This makes cashflow even tougher during this pandemic where order from abroad is low.

As we are all affected by the pandemic, the economy is affected as well. Orders has dropped a lot. If we launch the E series during this bad economy, there won't be enough orders to justify the development effort & cost we have put in. And the worst thing is others would just simply copy our product, which we have put so much effort it.

So, I'm sorry again to keep you all waiting but we gotta wait for the economy to recover.

By the way, are you aware of the chip shortage that has affected the graphic card industry? and then it's the automotive industry that's hit. And now, even toys industry is affected as well. Cost of a tiny chip has gone 10 fold. The worst is, you can't even buy one with the 10x inflated price, there's simply no supply at the moment. This has also delayed our planned launch of other WPL product. 😣

While waiting for new product, do consider our other currently available model, I don't believe that you have already own all 11 of our models 😛



*update - postponed again and again due to the pandemic. this will be a mega launched as a whole of 3 cars 

Coming soon!

As this is the first model of the new E Series, we want it to be as perfect as possible. So stay tuned.

Price will be definitely hard to resist.

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