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26th March 2020
Hello Dear WPL Family,

Thank you for your continuous support of WPL RC and I hope you well amid this coronavirus outbreak that is currently disrupting the world.

We are shipping normally and have been monitoring the shipping situation and would like to inform you to expect longer than estimated shipping time. This is due to many flights cut between countries such as in between China to the US and Europe and our Airmail rides on commercial flights.

Looking at the current situation, we are unsure when will this be back to normal as we are not seeing the virus situation improving globally, yet.

Therefore we seek your understanding with the delay of delivery in time like this.

You can still continue to order, and we will process it but if you're worry of the delivery, then i recommend waiting out as we are unable to do anything if the parcel is already "shipped".

Rest assured we will assist you as much as we can and taking care of your orders.

Feel free to contact us at should you have any questions.

Thanks and stay safe!    



23th March 2020

We are still shipping normally, but expect shipping delay to US, Europe & Asian countries due to the many flight cuts between countries as Airmail rides on these commercial airlines.


12th March 2020
Hey guys. We are experiencing a delay with your orders ya. Especially #1272 to #1309. Do take note. Sorry. 🙏

Shipping time is pretty fast during this period as there are still many businesses not resumed. But processing time for order is slower. 


Hi all,

Thank you for your continuous support and patient of the WPL RC Official Store.

We have processed the majority of the orders last week and you should have received tracking update in your email already, if you have not, there could be few reasons below,

1. still processing, just give us a little more time :-)

2. your order are for spare parts, we are unable to process orders of spare parts for now

3. your order has KIT/upgrade parts, but also contain spare parts, therefore we are unable to process for now

For order with spare parts, you may have to wait until the situation back to normal from the Coronavirus disruption, or reply this email for order cancellation, or request to remove spare parts from your order.


For those who have received tracking order update, you may find the tracking number confusing, this is due to parcels above 2kg are unable to ship, KIT such as the B16KM and B36KM will have to be split to 2 parcels. 

Some of you may receive tracking number such as below,

Example A -  LS123456789CN/LS987654321CN

- your tracking number are  LS123456789CN and LS987654321CN


Example B - LS123456789CN-LS987654321CN

- your tracking number are  LS123456789CN and LS987654321CN

To track, visit, 


For any latest update of the Official Store shipment, please visit below site,

Official FB page - 

Offcial Store Annoucement -


Feel free to reply to this email if you have any question





Update about Spare parts,
1. SUPPORT for spare parts temporary stopped for now, too difficult coordinating these many little parts with the factory

2. SALES of spare parts temporary stopped for now. Please DO NOT order from the webstore unless you are ok to wait.


Update : 12th February

1. For parcel over 2kg, such as a KM + Sound System V3 or B36KM + Sound System, the shipping channel to US has stopped. We are looking for solution now
* KM car kit and upgrade parts will be shipped separately

2. We are unable to process spare parts during this time. Please do not order. 
*more update to come


Update : 11th February

Hi all, thank you for your continuous support and patient during the long CNY break as well as delay due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Therefore, as soon as the factory resumed on the 10th, we immediately process the orders and most of you should have received tracking update at your email by now, if you have not, just allow us a little more time.

As I'm unable to return to China due to the entry and travel restriction amid this coronavirus outbreak period, I have to coordinate remotely with the team at WPL RC which proven to be very difficult, though they have done a very good job!

The virus outbreak is still worsening at this stage that there are still many uncertainties. On Monday, factory has to close early for the safety of our staff at WPL RC, as there's suddenly road closures around the factory area. Even Beijing and Shanghai is under quarantine now.

Hence the factory is again closed on the Tuesday 11th and estimate to resume again on Wednesday 12th.

Therefore, despite receiving the tracking number, please allow more time for expected delivery period as we know there are many countries such as the US, Philipines, Vietnam, Singapore and etc that has barred flight from China which will definitely affect airmail parcel. I expect that there will be delay once your parcel reaches Shenzhen, which is the outbound port.

Anyhow, we will try our best to fulfill your orders/inquiry during this difficulty period and seek your understanding.

Just feel free to PM us if you have any questions.





10th February
Update on Official Store shipment and Aftersales support,

Due to China's recent entry restriction starting from the 8th caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, I'm unable to get back to China, so below are some updates ya,
1. I'll work remotely to coordinate your orders with the factory, expect slower than usual shipping
2. Priority for shipping of car kits and upgrades, then the spare parts
3. Orders from Jan 18th will be processed and shipped this week
4. Order number from 10th Feb onward est to be shipped from the 17th week
5. Those that need replacement and contacted me earlier, I'll try my best to sort it out for you this week depending the workload/progress at the factory

If you have any inquiry, please PM us directly.

Thank you for your continuous support. 🙏🙏🙏




Hey guys. Thank you for your support of WPL RC and its Official Store all these while!

Chinese New Year 2020 is coming this 26th January. While the store will continue to work 24/7, however some of our shipping partners we be taking off early.

If you like to order anything, please do so order now! before dates below. 

Last day to receive order as below dates.

Zone 1 - 16th January
Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, South Korea, Vietnam, Austria, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia

Zone 2, Zone 3, Russia  - 12th January
Russia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Slovenia, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Ecuador, Chile

Of course you can still receive order during this down period but not recommended as you need to wait till 10th Feb to be shipped out.

If you have any question. Please contact us below.

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Come visit us for angpow 🧧🧧🧧

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