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C54 Preproduction Sample Preview

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Please don't tell your mum about it. 🤫🤫🤫

As of 16th Nov, preproduction samples have been sent out to our Youtubers and Collaborators. 

This will be a "Body only" product that fits on the C14 and C24 chassis. More details to be revealed at launch date.

Launch date to be announced. The first batch will be opened for purchased for customers with "Founder" tag.

Who & how to get Founder status?
- those who supported the Official Store during the early stage gets upgraded automatically
- customers who are nice and patient
- actively promoting WPL RC & the official store
- active on our FB page and Official Group
- customers who engage with us

How do I know if my account is Founder or not? or how to apply?
PM us on FB page or email sales@wpl-rc.com, provide your store email and we will check and let you know.
* We do not guarantee that by contacting us will get your account upgraded, please see requirements above

Click picture below for Prelaunch purchase - Access for Founders Only *requires login

- if it says that you are not allowed access, that means you are not Founder level, you may apply with us by reaching us here to check your account upgrade eligibility


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