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3ast3r 3gg F1ve - Come in

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Hello welcome for landing here. This "product listing" is not visible anywhere on the website, it is only viewable by using the "Search" box on top left of the site. The lesson here is, as the site grow with more products, you can use the Search box to quickly search for what you need instead of browsing through pages.

Now about the 3gg F1ve. Well actually there's no 3gg F1ve :-p We also didn't publish any photo of 3gg F1ve.

How to win for the last round of 3ast3r 3gg h@nt?

Answer below questions by watching the videos,

Question 1 - In this video, I mentioned "for this upcoming batch, how many units we're going to produce, for example xxxx units". How many units did i say?

Video -


Question 2 - In this video, WPL Founders mentioned they won't be making 1/10 scale cars, but they will make something related to 1/10 scale, what is it?
Video -


Question 3 - In this video, the newly improved/thicken plastic drive shaft, is secured using screw or press fit?

Video -


Question 4 - A businessman visited "recently", from which country?

Video -


Question F1ve - What do you like about WPL RC? and what do you want to say to WPL RC?


Ok that's all! F1ve questions, submit your answer as format below to email.

Answer 1 - 
Answer 2 - 
Answer 3 -
Answer 4
Answer F1ve
Get all F1ve answers right qualify you for prize draw of R0und F1ve!


Thanks for participating all the way till R0und F1ve!

Good luck!

 * why the above text isn't spelled properly is so to prevent you guys from able to search it easily by typing the correct word :-p

* if there's something you are not sure with the confusing word, PM me on FB page to clarify

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