Temporary Unavailable

Update : 3rd May 2020

Hey guys. We have updated the physical stock of C14 and C24 Spare Parts. If you can add to cart, means it's available. If it's sold out, it's sold out. As we cleared this and move on to next stage of spare parts support where it will be purchase-able as bundle instead of little parts by parts as the trial run proves unrealistic to do. Therefore no more free parts as well.

So grab anything you need now!


Update : 6th January 2020

Hi guys, spare parts purchase will be temporary halted as we are moving the physical store to another location so that we can offer you a more seamless experience. Estimate will be up and available again from February. Cheers


Hi there,

Thanks for dropping by to WPL RC Store.

Few things to note about the Spare Parts here

a. Only take what you need - the FREE parts, only take what you need ya. Example if you have 1 car, you need the missing side mirror, you can take 1 or a pair. If you have 2 cars, both missing  side mirror, take 2 or 2 pairs for both your cars, and so on

b. Lead time - while we can ship out your KIT/RTR/KM in 1-2 days, for spare parts, it will take some time as some it's stored at a different warehouse and the tedious nature of getting each of these little spares. Will take 3-5 days before we can ship out your spare parts

c. Availability - as for now, only C14 and C24 available as I need more time to upload other models one by one

d. Flat Rate of USD5.0 - for shipping regardless of what spare parts you picked, big or small

Let us know via messenger if there are parts you need that is not listed here