Instruction Manuals New V1

Here you can download all the available instruction/manual of WPL RC

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B Series

B14 RTR    B14 KIT


B16 RTR (6V Battery)    B16 RTR (7.4V Battery)

B16 KIT 


B24 RTR     B24 KIT


B36 RTR   B36 KM   


C Series

C14 RTR    C14 KIT


C24 RTR    C24 KIT  C24 KM

C34 RTR    C34 KIT   C34KM




C54-1 Bodyshell


D Series

D12 - RTR

D12 - KM

D12 Receiver



R.E.S-V1    R.E.S-V2   R.E.S-V3
previously known as Sound System

Step by Step Video tutorial 
Diagram for External ESC
How to Control 2 RES-V3 with 1 Remote
Solution to Sound Breaking Up


XX-162R Proportional Receiver

Receiver for D12


 Dual Speed Gearbox

Problem and solution - Click here

 4x4 Metal Upgrade

Setting up Axle Gear Mesh for Steel Gears