Official WPL RC Resellers/Vendors Worldwide

Due to rising issues of WPL RC counterfeit products, we were requested to put up a list of verified resellers/vendors that procure products directly from the WPL RC factory/manufacturer.

*this will be updated from time to time

*resellers not listed below does not mean the WPL RC product they carry is counterfeit as there are many layers of the supply chain such as from factory to wholesalers to resellers and etc. Purchase at your own risk.

*there are also verified resellers who procure products directly from WPL RC factory as well as other sources at the same time



East Malaysia - Shern Shiang Kuching RC Shop
Link -

West Malaysia - RC Paragon Universal
Link -


Lucky Hobbies 
Link -



Lampung - RC Lampung
Link -

Jakarta - Helihan Toys


Planeta Hobby 
Link -