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RES-V3 Receiver

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 ***If you are New to RES-V3, please watch this video before connecting your RES-V3! We can tell whether it's a defect or user error. No replacement for user error. Every single unit of RES-V3 are tested at the factory & at Official Store again before being sent out.

This is just the Receiver without remote control and speaker

Get this extra board so that you can control 2 cars with just one remote by setting Car 1 or Car 2 on the receiver board

For full set link here -

For Remote only -

* we do not and never claim this as Waterproofed despite the insulation on the board

Watch video below to find out how it works and all the cool features

How to control 2 RES-V3 Receiver with 1 Remote? Watch video below,

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