Wires & Connectors for Sound System V3 (For Official Store Members only)

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This is an initiative from the Official store for Official Store Member.

If you previously purchase the Sound System V3 but the Connectors & Wires Pack wasn't available.

Only for those who have purchased Sound System V3/Proportional Remote System from Official Store!

Essential for beginners who don't have extra connectors laying around. And since we are giving them for FREE! only take it if you really need it! 😄

You can add them to cart if you,
1. Have purchased Sound System V3 or Receiver V3 at Official Store
2. Going to purchase Sound System V3 or Receiver V3 at Official Store in this order
*ineligible/abuse order will be canceled
*you bought 1 Sound System/Receiver in the store before/now, means you get one(1) set of Starter Pack, not 5 not 10. Please be fair to others.

1. Wires & Connectors Starter Pack
- as a set for purchase of Sound System V3

2. Motor Wires + JST XH Connector for 130/180 motor
- this has thin wires, suitable for 130/180 motor only
3. Motor Wires + JST XH Connector for 370 size motor
- this has thicker wires hence suitable for 370 size motor which pulls more current

4. Black JST XM Connector
- If you have battery from WPL RC, this connector is compatible

5. Power Switch
- to turn your vehicle on and off conveniently without unplugging battery

6. Red JST Connector
- for if you have battery using connector of this style

Name of the white connector is called "JST PH 2.0mm 2 Pin"

Shipping is NOT FREE, it's USD6.50. FREE shipping for order above USD79.00